♥ SPIFFY (ill_billie) wrote in conans_ties,

:.Tie Menu 7.13.04 - 7.16.04.:

:.I've been having trouble getting screencaps online, so sorry this is late. If anybody has nice clear screencaps of this week for me to post up next week, i'd love them, send them on over (pop_a_perc@yahoo.com). The brown one reminds me of rootbeer floats. Blue squares are snazzy. enjoy...:
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i swear, the man's ties just get better and better.
haha i love your icon

and wtf, isnt paying attention to a guys tie a little crossing the line between fan and complete freak of a stalker....

Why, yes, yes it is. I guess that makes us all stalkers.
well said. i just enjoy a good tie menu and its fun to make. We are tie stalkers.
The man has great ties... unlike some certain boring talk show host... -cough-Leno-cough-
i love conans ties, im like wow were does he keep getting these? loved the blue one. is it just me or does anyone else think conan looks the best in blue?
omg! I just stumbled upon this community! what an awesome community!!!

and those are some awesome ties as well :D