♥ SPIFFY (ill_billie) wrote in conans_ties,

:.oh me-oh my.:

:.I am unable to get screencaps :( so until i can find more online, or get my own DVR, I will be missing tasty ties. Sorry- even though I know nobody even looks at this. back asap..:
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i look at it
i went thrifting the other day and saw so many ties and i thought "shit, that would look so good on conan... i wonder if people bought him ties if he'd wear them" lol
i look :)
i do that too ill go shopping and i see ties and im like hmmmm i wonder if i got it and bought it with me when i go see the show would he take it.... i loved the orange one he had on last week that matched his hair, that amused me.
:.oh no :( i missed the orange one. I can't stay up for him these days. I want to get one of those DVD recorders so i can record it all on dvd and get my own screencaps instead of waiting for other people's.:
thats awesome... i um have a vcr recorder whooo!.