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Wasn't Jeff Goldblum on the show like, a week or two ago? Or was that a rerun? Or is it just me.

Regardless the tie = sex on a sexy red-headed man.
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It wasn't a rerun. Hah. I think he was on again since the last interview got nowhere at all. This one was a little bit better, but not. Haha, it was still out of control and I liked it!
Regardless; one would assume these episodes get great ratings/feed back so why not bring him back. heh
I vote Jeff Goldblum to have his own time with Conan. It should be like Jeff Goldblum Tuesdays...or something like that.

(I like your icon by the way, because I love love pink. It's my favorite color and I even drive a pink car. And Aerosmith's song, "Pink" is pretty nifty too)

*joining the community by the way*
He was on the show a few weeks ago, too, but this one was new.

I often find myself fascinated by Conan's ties....
Theres just something so strangely erotic about a red-headed man in a pastel colored striped tie.
Hell, he's erotic without the tie. The tie is just there to enhance the experience, "for her pleasure". ;-)
Conan would be drop dead gorgeous wearing "Nothing at all, nothing at all!" (Flanders voice)
thats just downright creepy... my ex and our friends were talkin about that episode of the simpsons not 3 hours ago!!!
It's scary how I do that. I can be talking about an episode of The Simpsons and then the next day (or next 2 days) it'll be on. I was singing a song from Little Shop of Horrors in the shower one time, and when I got out of the shower and turned on the tv, it was just coming on I was like, "Totally creepy ..."
Hey, I made a little Conan-Tie-con. heh..."tie-con"...thats good. Anyway, heres the icon:

(Photobucket wouldn't work so I had to resort to Geocities)
even then its not working on geocities for me.
you can email it to me if you wish.
hmmm was it just me.. or was his tie the same thing as the one he wore last night.. only a different color.. i dont really remember but i remember circles both nights.. but last night it was blue or something..
i dunno. lol i thought it was funny though..